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Acts of Opening

Den Haag, 2021 - ongoing

A project working in collaboration with people that might know something about how to open something

bhup bhup, bhup bhup

Writing residency, based in Tallinn, 2021 - ongoing

A residency based research project that utilises the act of phone calling in assembling a relationship between self, other and relative location within a given time frame. This document aims to collect an array of connections in a time of such fractured social structures

Wood Workshop Teacher

De Helena, Den Haag, 2020

A Performance about my old wood workshop teacher, who always told me to measure twice, and cut once … 

Rock Talks

Hgtomi Rosa, Den Haag, 2020 

A group of people were invited to converge around a giant concrete rock, in the midst of the first part of The Pandemic, to discuss the the current state of affairs within the artistic community of The Hague

Case Study Exhibition

Hgtomi Rosa, Den Haag, 2020

A first experiment of an event series aiming to investigate the countless parts of an impression that an individual gets when they encounter an artwork

Insect Hotels 

Zollamt Galerie, Offenbach Am Main, 2020

A collection of handmade insect hotels, and a sleeping bag with feet cut into it

The Bistro

Hgtomi Rosa, Den Haag, 2019

🎵 A dish goes here and a bowl goes there, 

we all work at The Bistro Mer 🎵


(Aanwezige Tafels)

Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, 2019

A series of 12 calendar drawings, a temporary tattoo, and Lavender scented bath bombs packaged within recycled egg boxes

Alexander Webber 

Bristol, United Kingdom

Lives and works in Den Haag 

Co-Founder & current member of artist initiative Hgtomi Rosa

Hgtomi Rosa 

Co-Founder and current member of artist initiative. Hgtomi Rosa is a studio & project space established September 2019 in Den Haag. 

Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn

Erasmus exchange, Sculpture & Installation Department 2018 


Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag

BA Fine Art, Autonoom Department, Graduated 2019 

A Performer for:

Ellen de Bruijn Projects, Amsterdam, 2020

A Comedy for 3 Dantes, a work by Daniele Formica

A Performer for:

EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, 2020

Walking at Eye, a work by Natasha Rijkhoff and Caroline Straver