Acts of Opening is a series of collaborations with people that might know something about how to open something. The project is currently focussing on the state of the exhibition space, and it's apparent urgency to be open for events, exhibitors, viewers, and various other actors.

With each collaboration, I am attempting to look outside of the perpetual feedback loop of object-subject relations within its home territory. Each person brings a new proposal for how the space could or should be opened in their terms. Whether or not any of these acts will achieve the ultimate aim - no one is sure yet, maybe because no one has been given the authority to declare such a thing. But there is in an intention with each of these actions that new possibilities of a space will perhaps begin to open.  

During these collaborations I have been writing short texts in response to the ongoing ideas shared in the working processes of the proposals. 

documentation of individual projects :


Something can always be added, as long as it is small enough 

Marijn van der Eyden, March 3rd 2021

“To 'open' the exhibition space I would explain when a subspace is open according to its mathematical definition and explore if/how it's possible to open the physical space.”



a proposal for Hgtomi Rosa

Arthur Cordier, 27th-31st March 2021

“To inaugurate the exhibition space I would borrow Kantoorplanten from advertising agencies, combined with the reconstituted smell of apple pie. Both have ironical slash commercial motivations - the first increases productivity in offices, the second is a trick to make a place welcoming.”

Project title TBA

Job Bos , tbc April 2021

To open the exhibition space I would ; perform a ritual in the name of Death, the bringer of temporality, meaning, and appreciation. To open the space in the name of Death, Hades or whoever, will bless the events that will take place in the space with scrutinizing temporality and fragility. With Death's gaze upon the space we will realize how fragile we and all our endeavors are and therefore they will become so precious to us.



Project coming soon…

, date 2021