For the first instance of the Acts of Opening series Marijn van der Eyden proposed:

“To 'open' the space I would explain when a subspace is open according to its mathematical definition and explore if/how it's possible to open the physical space.”

Together Marijn and I created a three-dimensional translation of the diagram made out of objects found in the studio. Marijn then used this working model to explain her mathematical theory to a small group. 

Soon the group came to the conclusion that for the model to be working correctly they must remove the objects from their fixed positions, so that they could be free in space. The group then collectively threw the pieces of the diagram into the air whilst jumping - in doing so allowing the theory to exist in the space for a split second. 

After this act the group had a discussion about their personal reactions to the theory, and the clash between the mathematical and physical world.

As a result of this proposal Marijn has produced a mathematical description of the space on a piece of A4 paper. This spacial description will preserve the openness of the space that existed in the moment of the collective act.

The description can be viewed here